Rules is a safe and legal board in all aspects, which is accomplished by having clear rules and a great staff team to ensure that all members stick to the board rules and treat one another with respect.

These rules and guidelines are there to protect our members and BM as best as possible.

    In most serious rule breaks:

  1. A warning is given to the Member.
  2. A suspension is given by Management after talking to the Member and Counsellor Admin.
  3. If the Member still breaks the rules then he is banned from BoyMoment for a time period to be set by Management
  4. Image Posting

    This page covers general board rules. Rules and guidelines relating specifically to image posting are posted here

    BoyMoment Rules

    1) Promotion of illegal or harmful behavior:

    * Either through your posts, statuses, private messages or chats here you may not use this board to help you to make contact with its members for the purpose of engaging in, instructing, or encouraging any illegal activities
    * Illegal activities includes encouraging or counseling members in the luring of minors for sex as well as any other illegal behavior, encouraging members to commit suicide or self injury and more....

    2) Incrimination and accusations:

    * You may not provide any information that could incriminate you or anyone else in illegal behavior or that accuses others of acting illegally.

    3) Links:

    * You may not post links to sites containing materials not acceptable under our rules, nor may you make requests for such links or materials to be posted or sent to you through posts on the board or through our PM system
    * Links that require a registration, sign-up or time consuming research by board staff will not be allowed. Links to websites that are specifically made for or by boylovers will only be allowed in our BoyMoment Links section. Members may contact the board's management team to request inclusion of a link.

    4) Explicit content:

    * We expect you to maintain common sense when you discuss sexual activities and any related matters.
    * You may not post descriptions of sexual behaviors that are overly erotic or pornographic.
    * Reference to actions occurring "only in fantasy" does not automatically validate them as acceptable discussion points.

    5) 'Flaming', threats and accusations:

    * You may not deliberately insult, discredit or threaten others. We expect members to use appropriate language and tone.
    * We celebrate free speech but not at the expense of respect for other members and/or their free speech.

    6) Advertising

    * You may not use this board to advertise your own websites, galleries, goods or services.
    * BM is a community, not a market place. However, you can contact the board's management at any time to request a link to your website to be added to BM Links.

    7) No discussions about other Boy-Love Related web sites:

    * We are not concerned with gossip or issues from other boards nor will we tolerate the carry over of problems from same.
    * Legitimate news of other boards' closings, re-openings, anniversaries, memorials etc. will be welcomed in our Aud Room

    8) Respect of privacy

    * The public forums are not a suitable place for discussion and dialogues of private events that have taken place or the planning of such event between members, or between staff and members.
    * including disciplinary actions. Respect for others members' privacy should be your utmost concern at all times.

    9) Spam (note posts that do not add something to message board discussions):

    * Responding to topics by posting emoticons only, or with short one- or two-word replies or replies which are off-topic may be considered spamming.
    * Spam posts will be deleted and persistent spammers will receive a warning.

    BoyMoment management and staff team reserve the right at any time to remove content which it finds objectionable, compromises member safety/security or is contrary to our boards hopes and values and general respectful atmosphere.